Hello World: The Journey Begins

Hello, world! With those famous, tired-to-death two words, I introduce to you the blog of CareTech Computing. We’ve been in business for some time and have accumulated a lot of experiences of all sorts, and I enjoy teaching. I always thought it would be fun to write a book,  but the balance of bread-winning and family life is busy enough I feel I don’t need a lot more on my plate! So a blog like this might help fulfill some of the writing urge that sizzles within me at times.

What will this blog contain? I’m not sure I can say we’ll keep it to one category of topics — by nature I’m a curious, inquisitive sort of fellow, and don’t like to be tied down to just one sort of task for a long time. I’m not your assembly-line worker sort of person. So here’s a list of things I have been involved in, and am interested in…

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Custom-built computers
  • Storage and backup
  • Virtualization
  • FreePBX
  • Linux
  • Internet filtering
  • Basic Python programming
  • Digital photography
  • Acapella audio recording, mastering

And if life weren’t so short, I’d love to learn more. All sorts of fascinating things beckon. For now though, the above list keeps me quite busy.

I think that it’s good for everyone to have a hobby of some kind also. Possibly I have more than one hobby — photography, for instance, is something I’ve sunk a whole heap more cash into than I ever expect to get out of it — but for something to kick back and forget the pressures of the work schedule once in a while, I’ve chosen model airplanes. I have a great fascination for everything that flies through the air. Likely some of this is because my father had radio controlled airplanes that I remember him flying as a boy, and that has some associated memories that I cherish.

So, what do you want to see in this blog? Some of the big list above? A hodge-podge of any / all of it so you never know what’s coming next? Please sign in, post a comment, and let me know! I will do my best to assign appropriate categories to posts so that you can easily filter out the type posts that you are looking for.