Install Security Appliance certificate: Windows

Install Security Appliance certificate: Windows

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If various browsers in Windows are giving you security certificate warnings on various sites (most folks seem to notice certificate warnings on Google first, some reason), it’s time to install the Security Appliance root certificate for Windows. This is a painless process, as shown in this tutorial:

(click button on lower right to expand player to fullscreen)


Or if you prefer a text-based list of instructions, here you are. Keep in mind that access of the log.cabin console as directed below only works if you are a Security Appliance user.

  1. In your browser, click in the address bar and type in http://log.cabin ; press Enter to load.
  2. Click the “SSL Certificates” menu and select Windows from the dropdown.
  3. Automatic installation (easier for most users): Click the yellow shield to download the installer; then run the downloaded file. Simply click through the install process.

If you’d rather install manually, there are instructions in the log.cabin console as well as in the second half of the screencast tutorial above.

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