Install Security Appliance certificate: Firefox

Install Security Appliance certificate: Firefox

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If Firefox is giving you security certificate warnings on various sites (most folks seem to notice certificate warnings on Google first, some reason), it’s time to install the Security Appliance root certificate for Firefox. This is a painless process, as shown in this tutorial:


Or if you prefer a text-based list of instructions, here you go. Note that these instructions only work if you are a Security Appliance user.

  1. In Firefox, click in the address bar and enter the following URL: https://log.cabin and press Enter to load the site
  2. Click the “SSL Certificates” menu in the blue menu bar and select Firefox from the dropdown.
  3. Click the certificate icon — the green shield.
  4. In the box that pops up, enable the check box for “Trust this CA to identify websites” and click OK.
  5. You’re done! Enjoy the freedom of browsing without annoying certificate warnings.

Generally this should not need to be done again, but if Firefox is ever reset to default settings (Firefox calls this a “Refresh,” that process removes user-installed certificates and this will need to be repeated.

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