How to Install an iOS Configuration Profile

How to Install an iOS Configuration Profile

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This article will help you install configuration profiles and enable certificate trust on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Prerequisite: your iOS device must first be supervised; talk to your local tech or contact us for help with this step.

Typically we send you an email with the profile attached. If using the Apple mail client, you can simply tap on the attachment to initiate profile installation.

You should be taken to the following screen; tap Install.

If you have your device protected with a passcode, you will need to enter it now; if not, you won’t see this step. This is the passcode you use to unlock your device when you wake it up.

At this screen full of disclaimers / warnings, tap Install once again.

The iDevice really, really wants to make sure you’re certain! Tap Install again…

OK, finally done with profile install. Tap Done; next we need to trust the certificate that was installed with the profile. Please proceed to the next section below.

Enabling iOS Custom Root Cert Trust

After clicking Done, you’ll be at a screen like this. Go back to the General Settings section. (note: if you’re at the home screen, tap Settings, then tap General.)

In the General settings, tap on About; and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the About section and tap on “Certificate Trust Settings.”

Here, you will see The Security Appliance certificate. Note the toggle to the right, and ensure it is slid to the right so the toggle is green.

When you toggle trust on, you get a warning message; tap Continue here.

Make sure your screen now shows The Security Appliance certificate as being trusted, as follows; and you’re done.

You can now exit settings and test filtered browsing. To ensure that the certificate is being trusted, just try loading a Google search page; if it loads and you see no warnings, the certificate is trusted. To test that filtering is working, try to load a page that you know will be blocked and verify that you see the block page. Many of our customers block social networking, and if you are among these you can try loading to see the block page.

If Google loads fine, and if you get a block page on your test run where you’d expect to see a block page, you’re all set!

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